Nov 26

Today: 26-Nov-2008: Telstra, election tidy up and tokens

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Some days I really worry about Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider. We’ve just moved into a new unit and when it was confirmed we had the place from the agent my girlfriend called Telstra to schedule getting the phone put on. Over the weekend we moved and ended up being faster than expected so on monday she rang Telstra to bring forward the date and was told after 20 minutes that the unit didn’t even have a phone line and that he couldn’t find the previous order either. He said that it’s cost some large amount of money to get a phone line. At this point we both headed off to work after quickly checking with the agent that they thought there was a phone line (they thought there should be). Later on we unpacked the phone and connected it up to be greeted by a dial tone. This morning we rang Telstra who then found both orders in the “old” system and we were told that it would be connected in an hour. Now it’s time to get a net connection and time will tell with that.

On the work front I spent some time cleaning up the cart functionality and training the users on how to use the mail merge functionality with the system. They’ve gotten someone in who isn’t retired to help out on the computing side which will hopefully improve their capability to work without needing to contact us. With any luck we won’t have too many more issues.

Lastly I spent a small amount of time to build a token login system. At the moment it has a simple library to issue, revoke and validate tokens as well as a SSO plugin to detect logins. It defaults to alowing 5 logins with the token and is valid for five days before it expires. Before I go much further with it I’ll need to build a component to revoke tokens and create the database table. This shouldn’t be too hard to do and will expand on the entire JAuthTools collection.

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