Nov 21

Today: 21-Nov-2008: Ugly PHP and more SSO

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Friday is always a slow day for most and today was no exception. That said I managed to be productive.

I had a quick play with a PHP task tracker called TaskFreak which seems to be a nifty web based tracker and is open source. Hopefully it will turn out to be a useful tool in the long run. It appears really smooth with a nice Web 2.0 style interface but doesn’t appear to be AJAX driven from the small amount of playing but it might be used tastefully. So maybe more about it later.

I also spent some time working on the Defect Register adding the ability for it to handle documents for a defect. The defect register is a perfect example of how not to do a PHP web app – it’s the sort of poorly written and designed application that the Python people pick up and declare the language to be completely useful and insecure. But that aside, it’s painful to alter at times and it took me a bit longer to alter than I would like whilst reminding me just how bad and ugly the code really is in places. As I do everytime I get a chance, I managed to rewrite a little bit and add tools that I can use later. The users appear to be happy with the new functionality so we’ll see.

Lastly I did some more work on my new SSO framework and even did some initial documentation work on my wiki. I’ve decided that for the weekend I’ll build the token login system that I’ve been meaning to do as part of my university work. Hopefully I’ll get a part of my SSO framework built whilst doing this as well.

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