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Today: 15-Nov-2008: The Project

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Ordinarily I was going to avoid blogging on the weekend in the today section but it has been more like a work day so I figured I should anyway.

I spent the day at UQ in Brisbane due to my girlfriend doing her English exams. I thought that I would be able to get back to my Uni using the eduroam network. Sadly it seems that it doesn’t quite work as expected. After a bit of research using my phone and managed to get a mostly working connection but whilst I could ping hosts and the Mac OS X route monitoring tool saw the University of Pennsilvania and even Google being announced it would seem that I couldn’t get out of the network, even by trying to VPN back to my University (I could ping the server but not connect to it). Eventually I gave up and worked in my project instead.

I managed to get two new features implemented and I have so only had to break one of my self imposed restrictions once. I’m not doing as much as I had planned but I’m moving smaller items slowly. Hopefully I will meet my deadline but I may end up taking a few shortcuts getting there. I’ve identified some areas that I’m going to have to do some considerable work but at present the simple aspects of the system appear to be working properly. Time will tell as I expand my testing.

On another more personal note I’m also at Brisbane International Airport sending a friend off and have noticed that due to the rennovations there is a lot more space and tonnes more seating in the lower area. At one point there was more space dedicated to shops than there was for sitting, it really was a sad situation. Having visited the airport semiregularly since 2003, I have seen the amount of seating slowly decrease to the point that it was almost impossible to get a seat in the main mall. Thankfully this has changed for the better. I wonder how long this will last for before it gets replaced with more shops again.

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