Nov 10

Today: 10-Nov-2008: Tasks within tasks

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Another day passes with nothing interesting to report. I spent some more time working on getting the task system to work focusing on issues arising from having tasksets within another. The main reason this is important is that the backup framework will create it’s own taskset for each instance and potentially the backup adapter will create it’s own task set. In the case of the SQL backup adapter it already uses the new data load framework to provide the restore functionality. This system also uses tasks to provided the ability to handle large data loads without timing out. Cool eh? The problem is that we start layering each of these tasksets so we need to ensure that we return the previous taskset so that it can resume properly. I think that I have everything set up in a way that will work properly so I just need to code up the individual pieces and get them to work. It’s just a lot of little pieces.

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