Aug 22

Today: 22-August-2008: Rain

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Today I was woken up by something that I haven’t been woken up to in a long time: very heavy rain. It isn’t often that it rains, and when it does it isn’t really that heavy, its usually quite soft or doesn’t last as long. Usually if it last for a reasonable period of time, its also quite soft, so it was quite interesting to have it go for so long and so heavy. Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep because it was too heavy (it woke me up to begin with), but it was nice to sit in bed and think about the rain and what it meant. It lasted about an hour or so and I left for Uni between breaks. It rained on and off throughout the day, though not as hard as it did in the morning. However, I bet none of it fell over the dams though but it’ll make my patch of dirt a lot greener.

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