Feb 24

I hate (poor) web designers

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Web design is a skill I don’t have. I admit this freely that is why I write code. But what I hate more are the Photoshop crowd of web page designers that make my life well and truly hell because whilst it looks pretty at the fixed resolution in Photoshop it looks like absolute crap because they rely on Photoshop to build the HTML for them which produces tables with insane spans in them, I’m looking at one with a rowspan of 12. That means tha one cell is supposed to span 12 rows. There is another with 14 and one with a colspan of 9. What I’m realy complaining about here is the lack of decent web designers who can make a decent web page template, something that will work across browsers properly. I know they exist but they are well and truly not the majority of designers out here or at least not the ones I have to deal with. What is worst still is that I have to deal with situations where they have decided to hire the designer separately and get the design done and then I end up having to clean up the mess of a design to get it to render properly. It just makes my life hell when I could be doing better things. Next on my list are the horrible hosting companies that I end up having to deal with as well.

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  1. Rails Programmer May 14th, 2009 7:46 am

    Well, at least you got html, I got a couple of jpegs. Some components were just great looking in my image viewer, but how they work in real life is quite a mystery to me.

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